Quantifying and Visualizing “Deep Work” (reposted)

A few days ago I posted my first article on Medium on “Quantifying and Visualizing “Deep Work”“. This is a little personal visualization project I developed over the holidays.

I have been collecting personal data for the whole year on what I call “deep work sessions”: times when I deliberately decide to work with maximum focus and no interruptions or distractions on something.

At the end of the year, I decided to take a look at the data and build the story of my “deep work” in 2016. In the article you’ll also find some reflections on the process and what I have learned by doing it.

I hope you’ll enjoy it! Feel free to comment here or on Medium if you wish.

p.s. My first experience with Medium was so good that I am considering switching entirely. I still have to figure out what the advantages and disadvantages may be but I for sure loved the writing experience and the feedback I received.

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