Course Diary

Class Diary Fall 2016

Here is the index of posts written on my class diary for the Fall’16 edition of my Information Visualization course at NYU Tandon.

My first attempt at keeping a class diary in 2014 …

In this Spring semester 2014 I am writing a diary of the lectures I give in my Information Visualization course at NYU. I decided to write this diary to share with the world the struggle, doubts, excitement and learning power of teaching. And also to keep a record for myself.

When seen from the outside every course looks like the instructor has the wisdom in his or her hands, if not the truth. But the real truth is that teaching is an endless discovery and learning process where you, as an instructor, keep refining ideas and methods over and over again to give the best service you can at that specific moment in time. It’s an endless learning process.

The best joy for me is when my students outsmart me and surprise me with beautiful meaningful work. I am blessed to have this opportunity as part of my job, so in a way this is my little attempt share this joy with as many people as I can.

Here is the list of posts (each post has a link to the slides I use in class):

Course Diary #1: Basic Charts
Course Diary #2: Beyond Charts: High-Information Graphics
Course Diary #3: Beyond Charts: Dynamic Visualization