I could not resist writing this short blog post after having a such a nice conversation with Scott Davidoff yesterday. Scott is a manager at the Human Interfaces Group at NASA JPL and he leads a group of people that takes care of big data problems at NASA (I mean big big data as those coming […]


… or whatever we want to call it. Yin Shanyang writes on twitter in response to my last post on vis as bidirectional channel: This comment really hits a nerve on me as I have been thinking about this issue quite a lot lately. I must confess I am no longer satisfied with the word […]


A few successes …

by Enrico on April 25, 2013

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I don’t  (want to) buy the idea that it’s too hard to quantify/demonstrate impact of visualization. Yet I want more evidence/stories. He is my very humble initial step (form your comments and twitter messages): Persuasive graphics in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth Hans Rosling’s explanation of world development with Gapminder Florence Nightingdale’s Mortality Diagram John Snow’s […]


Let’s Meet at VisWeek!

by Enrico on October 11, 2011

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This is a short notice to all FILWD readers who are going to VisWeek 2011. I will be there the full week starting from Sat Oct 22th and I would love to meet some of you guys. There are two main events you might be interested in. Data Visualization Blogging Dinner If you are going to […]