It always sounds weird to me when I have to explain how the  VIS Conference (formerly VisWeek) is not only for academics. Until now, I always had to use a number of convoluted arguments to explain it but now I have one more tool in my swiss army knife: the industry and government track. What does […]


When I saw for the first time a visualization developed by Jan, the Ghost Counties, I was totally fascinated. It’s brilliant. It took me a while to understand how it works, but once I got it I could not help but admiring the strange mix of complexity and simplicity it provides. Despite he looks so […]


Tools from the Pros #2: Joe Mako on Tableau

by Enrico on September 15, 2011

in Interviews

Ok guys, here we are with a new interview of Tools from the Pros, the series in which I interview data visualization professionals about their favorite tools.  This time we have Joe Mako talking about his experience with Tableau.Before I start telling anything about Joe, let me tell you how I ended up  interviewing him. I was […]


I am really excited to announce my first interview for the “Tools from the Pros” series! We start with a very good one: Miriah Meyer talks about Processing. Miriah is assistant professor at University of Utah. I met her only briefly during a couple of conferences but I am a huge fan of her research […]


New Series: Tools from the Pros

by Enrico on September 1, 2011

in Guides,Interviews

Hallo everyone! I am happy to introduce a new series nested in the Data Visualization Beginners Toolkit: “Tools from the Pros”. In my last post on data visualization tools I suggested a number of strategies to choose the best tool for you and I provided a list of those I think are the best bets currently […]


I kept my promise: the interview with Moritz Stefaner on data visualization freelancing is finally here! And I am really excited. As I said in my introductory post, I think data visualization freelancing is one of the most exciting trends in visualization; even though it’s a little bit hidden. After recording the interview, I must say I am […]


One of the most exciting and silent phenomenon I have seen developing during the last years/months in data visualization is the growing number of people who are transitioning or already succeeded to make a living by being a data visualization freelancer. Who is a data visualization freelancer? Basically a self-employed person who sells data visualization […]


As you might know Jacques Bertin, the great geographer who laid the foundations of information visualization, passed away few months ago. During the last VisWeek Jean-Daniel Fekete gave a Salute to Jacques Bertin and I was totally amazed to know all these details about him: the impact he had on our field, the way he thought […]