Tools from the Pros #4: Jorge Camoes on Excel

by Enrico on December 12, 2011

in Guides

When I think Visualization and Excel there are two names that come into my mind: Jorge Camoes and Jon Peltier. If you want to do serious data visualization with Excel, stop here, they are the names. Since I was more familiar with Jorge’s work and had more opportunities to discuss with him I decided to […]


When I saw for the first time a visualization developed by Jan, the Ghost Counties, I was totally fascinated. It’s brilliant. It took me a while to understand how it works, but once I got it I could not help but admiring the strange mix of complexity and simplicity it provides. Despite he looks so […]


I am really excited to announce my first interview for the “Tools from the Pros” series! We start with a very good one: Miriah Meyer talks about Processing. Miriah is assistant professor at University of Utah. I met her only briefly during a couple of conferences but I am a huge fan of her research […]


New Series: Tools from the Pros

by Enrico on September 1, 2011

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Hallo everyone! I am happy to introduce a new series nested in the Data Visualization Beginners Toolkit: “Tools from the Pros”. In my last post on data visualization tools I suggested a number of strategies to choose the best tool for you and I provided a list of those I think are the best bets currently […]


(Note: if you are new to this series, the DVBTK doesn’t teach you how to do visualization. Rather it is meant to help people find a less chaotic and more effective path towards the acquisition of the necessary skills to become a data visualization pro. To know more, make sure to read the introduction to the […]


One of the main goals of this blog, other than challenging the status quo with reflections at the intersection between academics and practitioners, is to help people become data visualization experts. It’s not rare for me to receive emails from people who are enthusuastic about visualization but have little guidance about how to become an […]


One of the most exciting and silent phenomenon I have seen developing during the last years/months in data visualization is the growing number of people who are transitioning or already succeeded to make a living by being a data visualization freelancer. Who is a data visualization freelancer? Basically a self-employed person who sells data visualization […]


(Hi there! This is a guest blog post from Mark Johnstone. He works at Distilled with a team of infographics designers and writes a nice new blog on visualization called Epic. graphic. I like his 21 everyday visualizations and silence is underrated, check them out! I hope you will enjoy it.) It has been said […]


Today I got the following email from Ragaar, one of my readers: “Congratulations! Your blog is in the big six, according to eagereyes.” I checked the link and found that Robert kindly included me in his Six Niche Visualization Blogs and said nice words about FILWD. That’s fine and great of course, but the event also […]


This is a follow-up post on how visualization can influence people. If you are reading this for the first time, the whole thing originated from a quite candid post of mine, inspired by a question I got during one of my talks: “Can visualization influence people? I mean can we prove it?“. The post seemed […]