Last week I presented the first part of my chart on the story of K2 ascents, that is, the ascents of one of the toughest and most respected mountains in the world. I promised a part 2 and here it is. In this second part I focus more on the temporal trends I could find […]


(Note: I had originally planned to write one single post out of this, but I realized it was too long to digest. So here is the first part. The rest will come soon. Stay tuned!) K2 is a mighty mountain. Attractive, respected, and dreadful. Normally people think of Everest as the toughest mountain just because […]


The Heritage Foundation together with the Wall Street Journal has recently published the last report on the Index of Economic Freedom. The index captures in a series of factors like: “freedoms of movement for labor, capital, and goods, and an absolute absence of coercion or constraint of economic liberty, etc.” the degree of economic freedom […]


Swing States Visualization

by Enrico on November 19, 2008

in Experiments

Some weeks ago Robert Kosara posted in his EagerEyes a visualization made with Tableau with the intent to understand the swing states in the US elections. His post generated quite a lot of reactions. Many people tried to propose alternative designs and suggested potential improvements. After few days, I tried to create my own interactive […]


Charts: OECD Education at a Glance

by Enrico on October 29, 2008

in Experiments

Inspired by some recent government interventions on the Italian public school and the consequent large development of protests all around the country I have designed few charts to see if I can better understand the issue from the data and communicate some results. Background I have used the data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation […]


Chart on K2 Succesful Ascents

by Enrico on February 13, 2008

in Experiments

Some time ago I watched on TV an extraordinary documentary about the last Italian expedition on summer 2007 to the marvelous K2, the famous Himalayan mountain, and amazed by the extraordinary stories around it I started searching for some additional info about it. For those of you who know nothing about it will suffice to […]