FILWD is written by Enrico Bertini.

I am an Assistant Professor at NYU Tandon where I do research and teach Data Visualization.

I have been working in Data Visualization for about 10 years, mostly as a researcher in academic institutions.

Over the years I realized there is too little communication between academia and practitioners and that there is a big need for people from these communities to talk.

This blog is my attempt to bridge this gap and to share with others my adventures in academia, teaching and the world of data visualization in general.

If you like my work, you may also be interested in Data Stories, the data visualization podcast I host together with Moritz Stefaner.

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  1. Ken Black

    Hi Enrico,

    I’m a listener of your podcast and I appreciate your work in that regard, so thank you very much!

    The reason for this comment relates to your Dec 19 post on developing a course in “Data Sensemaking”. Comments do not appear to be activated for that article, so this was the only area I could find on your blog to write this.

    For nearly 4 years, I’ve been writing a blog to help people learn problem solving techniques using data. I have focused on using Tableau, Alteryx, R, and more recently, Power BI. When I read your article today, I was compelled to write to you to point you to a couple of articles I wrote earlier this year related to what I call “Data Comprehension”. I believe we are seeing the need for this type of education, so I applaud your effort to develop a course like this.

    Here are the links:

    Part 1: https://3danim8.wordpress.com/2016/09/20/how-to-achieve-better-data-comprehension-part-1/

    Part 2: https://3danim8.wordpress.com/2016/09/29/how-to-achieve-better-data-comprehension-part-2/

    Part 3: Not yet written



  2. Enrico Bertini Post author

    I finally managed to open the comments in the blog posts. Please write your comments there. I am going to remove your comments from here in a few days. Thanks so much!


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